A comprehensive tutorial about acting as a liquidity provider for the Sensitrust (SETS) token on UNISWAP, and staking on GYSR

This tutorial has the purpose to explain the main mechanisms of a GEYSER, how to gain rewards, and provide a step-by-step guide to make you learn how to be an active part of this initiative in the simplest possible way.

An overview of the reward structure workflow in the Sensitrust (SETS) ecosystem

UNISWAP is among the most popular decentralized exchanges nowadays. There are two roles that you can assume owning SETS tokens while using UNISWAP:

1) Trader, who can exchange ETH for SETS or vice versa, paying a 0.3% fee. This fee…

I’m not a financial advisor! Do your own research!

How many times have we heard these words? But yet, how much time do we spend on listing websites reading their reviews, or on Youtube listening the words of trending influencers? Compare such time with the time spent on reading and analyzing a whitepaper.

Oh no, should I read 50 pages of a boring whitepaper when I can watch a 5min video?

Sometimes it takes even less than 5 minutes to understand that who wrote the text has no skills, or that the project is just a copy of something that…

Sensitrust aims to integrate Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence technologies to create a platform where customers and professionals can safely interact and make deals. The activities of all the stakeholders of an activity are supported by Blockchain technologies, that guarantee the transparency and the safety of the processes, while the adoption of sophisticated methods of Artificial Intelligence helps the stakeholders to make business-critical decisions.

In the current pandemic era, Sensitrust is going to provide strong support for Smart Working. A new decentralized job-marketplace is the solution for professionals who aim at keeping and expand their activities.

The presale of the Sensitrust Token is now live!

Don’t miss the chance to buy SETS tokens at € 0.05 / SETS now! The price will increase to 0.08€ / SETS during the public sale.

Participate NOW!


The next-generation job marketplace supported by AI and Blockchain Technologies

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