How to provide liquidity to UNISWAP and stake on

An overview of the reward structure workflow in the Sensitrust (SETS) ecosystem

Uniswap and DEXs

UNISWAP is among the most popular decentralized exchanges nowadays. There are two roles that you can assume owning SETS tokens while using UNISWAP:

GEYSER Dynamics

A GEYSER acts as a decentralized, autonomous, provider of SETS tokens, that rewards LPs with additional SETS tokens, proportionally to the amount of liquidity they provide and to the time they offer such a service.

  • Share Seconds: Your rewards are calculated considering the amount of Share Seconds accrued. Therefore, the longer you keep your UNI-V2 tokens staked, the higher the rewards. Share Seconds are calculated as: Amount Staked x Staking Time.
  • Boiling Period: The boiling period is the time before a GYSR starts to unlock rewards. During this time, you can stake your tokens and start gaining share seconds. In this way, you are gaining benefits in advance! This constitutes a great advantage for early adopters! Please remember that unstaking tokens during a boiling period will not earn you any rewards.
  • Live Period: Once the boiling period has finished, rewards are incrementally distributed every second according to the timeline defined by the team. The distribution takes place linearly: if 10,000 tokens are distributed in 10 days, there will be 1,000 tokens distributed every day.
  • Multipliers: They reward you for keeping your tokens staked in a GYSR for a longer time. The longer you stake, the higher is the multiplier you receive. In our launch phase, a 2x multiplier is unlocked after 60 days of staking. Multipliers increase linearly over time. This means that staking tokens for 15 days will unlock a 1.25x multiplier (25% of the maximum multiplier) and that staking tokens for 30 days will unlock a 1.5x multiplier, and so on. Multipliers are applied to share seconds. Tokens staked in different moments will have a different multiplier associated to them, which is automatically calculated by the system.
  • Unstaking: In this phase, you unlock your UNI-V2 tokens and receive your rewards in SETS tokens. Note: you can decide to unstake a portion of your stake and keep the rest in the GYSR to keep gaining benefits. Note: Unstaking implies that your multipliers are reset.

Step by Step Guide

Now that the main dynamics of Uniswap, GYSR are explained, we describe the process of interacting with them.

  • MetaMask browser extension
  • An Ethereum wallet credited with SETS tokens and ETH
  1. How to add liquidity on Uniswap and receive UNI-V2 liquidity tokens



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